• Paving in family house

    Paving in family house

    Portland stone provides interiors with an unmatched sense of the good old days, a feeling of certainty and reliability.

  • Pavement in restaurant

    Pavement in restaurant

    The Portland's pavement will provide a restaurant with unique and matchless spirit of the old times.

  • Paving for Churches

    Paving for Churches

    Portland stone is very popular in churches. We are able to customise decors to match the uniqueness of each listed building.

  • Paving for fireplaces

    Paving for fireplaces

    Portland stone is very popular by the fireplace. It increases the impression of solidity.

  • Paving for Shops

    Paving for Shops

    Portland paving can be applied to all shops where customers expect authenticity and reliability.

  • Paving for staircases

    Paving for staircases

    Portland stone perfectly complements adjacent flooring, matching other Portland pavings as well as differing materials.

  • Paving for swimming pools

    Paving for swimming pools

    Portland stone by swimming pools offers beautiful and practical solutions.

  • Paving on Terraces

    Paving on Terraces

    Portland stone is highly suitable for all terraces which require a more unique look.

  • Stone on historical objekt

    Stone on historical objekt

    Historic buildings like to use the stone veneer, which can perfectly replace original brickwork.