WILD STONE is creative and dynamically developing manufacturing company operating on the market of light-weighted stone veneer and Portland's pavement since 2003. The company is based on firm principles, where the commitment for work forms stable basis of future projects. Enthusiasm, commitment and team spirit help us to continuously innovate and achieve new goals.

WILD STONE loves the Earth, power and beauty of its colours. For us, ecology is not just a word. The company is characterized by inspiration and vitality drawn from number of natural landscapes. The WILD STONE projects substantiate memories to the past and time flow, but they also welcome innovations and represent potential of whole construction industry.

WILD STONE manufactures jointed rustic types of veneer, where the stone and the mortar create perfect harmony, as well as more regular types of the stone veneers expressing reality and deep sense for landscape.

WILD STONE faces the future with wide-open eyes and with a certainty that the work completed today prepares us for projects brought by tomorrow. For us, the construction industry is more than an employment, it is our impulse and attitude, which is really very dear to our hearts. And this drives us forward!

Sample Projects