Owners of hotel complexes like to use the stone veneer. It is suitable to use the same type of the stone both in exterior and interior; thus you can achieve perfect effect!
In hotel sector, every one can be unique, and the stone veneer is exactly the thing creating the unique feel. Either on modern city hotel, or high in the Alps, the stone veneer is at home everywhere. Select your stone from our product range, or we can provide you with special stone variation acc. to your ideas.

  • Broken Rock

    Broken Rock

    Broken rock offers a rugged and informal appeal with its rough texture. Tight-fitted or mortared, Broken rock can be used to achieve a number of unique treatments.

  • Mix Alpina

    Mix Alpina

    Inspired by Alpine architecture, Mix Alpina is designed to reflect the mountain environment. A combination of irregularly shaped stones with colors ranging from dark and light grey, earthy browns and light shades of purple is giving to the each stone its own story to tell.