The total look of the house is generally affected just by the façade. The stone veneer makes the façade unique and original.
A façade from stone veneer features undoubtedly design and practical advantages. The stone makes the façade unique and original in every aspect. Subsequent care for the façade is minimum and you can forget to problems related with regular painting, cracking or peeling of the plaster.

  • Broken Rock

    Broken Rock

    Broken rock offers a rugged and informal appeal with its rough texture. Tight-fitted or mortared, Broken rock can be used to achieve a number of unique treatments.

  • Castle Wall

    Castle Wall

    Castle wall is composed of rectangles of varying sizes. Derived from historic public structures.

  • Mix Rustico

    Mix Rustico

    Split sandstone is a textured and layered full-scale ledge stone with long dimensional stones.